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Medz Cannabis Inc. is a unique federally licensed cannabis production and processing facility conveniently located 10 minutes away from Toronto Pearson Airport and 20 minutes from the downtown city core. Our 50,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility is devoted to bringing the highest quality and innovative products to Canada. 

Cultivation Division

Medz Cannabis cultivates only small-batch CRAFT cannabis. We target legacy strains with high potency and unique terpene profiles. We are proud to state our crops are not exposed to mechanical equipment as our cultivation team hand trims, hang dries, hand packages each batch, and our flower is non-irradiated.  At Medz Cannabis we take pride in being a pesticide FREE facility, where we use alternative natural methods as preventative measures. Our flower is available now on the Ontario market under our first craft brand, Royal Cannabis Supply Co. 


Processing Division

Medz Cannabis Inc., has built out 20,000 square feet encompassing individual processing units that have become a home for innovative, quality-centric and legacy transfer brands! Our in-house partners include The Hash Corporation, Glow LifeTech, Glenn's Edibles, 6Pak Packaging Solutions, Rolling Treetopz, and Harts! 
These 2.0 brands include high quality and unique products such as Hash Rosin, Kief, Cold Tumbled Resin, MyCell Technology Products, Gummies, Vape Cartridges, Pre-Rolls and more! Now available on the Ontario market. Check out Our Products for more information.


Retail Division 

On-site of our cultivation and processing facility, we have successfully opened the first farm gate location in the Greater Toronto Area, and only the second location in the entire country! Royal Cannabis Supply Co. is our on-site dispensary open daily for the public to shop our home-grown brands and selective craft brands available on the OCS.  Come visit us to catch a glimpse our operations and meet the producers! 

We are a driven and passionate producer,

devoted to maintaining our reputation for:

· High-quality

· Small batch

· Long cure

· Non-irradiated

· Pesticide-free

· Craft-style

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